Qualification Spend THB 5,000
in a single receipt.
Spend THB 250,000 or
accumulate 5,000 points
over 12 months.
Spend THB 1,000,000 or
accumulate 20,000 points
over 12 months.
Invitation Only
Renewal Accumulate 5,000 points
over 24 months.
(excludes intial 5,000 points earned
during membership application)
Accumulate 20,000 points
over 24 months.
(excludes intial 20,000 points earned
during membership application)
Accumulate 60,000 points
over 24 months.
(excludes intial 60,000 points earned
during membership application)
Earn 1 point for every THB 50
spent at any stores of brands
under A-List
Percent of discount on regular
priced items at any of our
flagship stores
10% 15% 20%
Receive A-List news and
privileges on a regular basis
Exclusive preview to pre-sale
and collection preview
Invitation to exclusive events
e.g. FashionShow, Store Grand Opening
Special Birthday gift
Personal attendant service
Shop after hour in privacy
(By appointment only)
Complimentary alteration service
for regular priced items
Enjoy benefits and privileges
from A-List partner


This card can be used as a point accumulation card and used to collect reward points when spending at any stores of Alfred Dunhill, Jimmy Choo, Valentino, Boudoir by Disaya, Disaya, Disaya Sorakraikitikul, Something Boudoir, The Only Son and Online Shop under conditions.

This card can be used to receive discount only at our flagship stores.

Reward points can be collected to redeem for prizes, within the period and conditions as specified by the company.

Alista card and reward points are not transferable & can only be used by the rightful signatory.

Please present Alista card, or your National I.D., prior to making payment. Each reward point is presented to the cardholder for every 50 Baht spent on regular-priced item.

Please verify that your name and Member I.D. on the receipt is correct every time you make a purchase. The company reserves the right to adjust reward points in case that you forget to inform the cashier of your member card number or there is misinformation of your Alista card number.

When checking your reward point accumulation, the number of points shown includes only the points accumulated until the day beforehand. So, any more points earned from current spending will be calculated and shown on the next day. Points earn from Online Shop will be accumulated on the 14th days after your purchased is shipped.

Used reward points will automatically be deducted from your point balance.

Alista card is valid for 2 years from the date of issue. The points will be discarded as soon as this card expired.

Any termination of Alista card will also result in a disclaimer of points accumulated.

In case of a card loss, a fee of 300 Baht per card applies for issuing a new card. Please contact our flagship store to make a new card. Accumulated reward points in the lost card will be shown the day after a new card is issued.

To exchange reward points, please present your card with your National I.D. Card, or a passport, containing a picture of you at any flagship store.

This card is the property of A-List Co., Ltd, the company reserves the right to amend any detail of benefits, terms and conditions specified here, as well as, to terminate any card membership, without prior notice. The company also will not be held liable for any mistake or misunderstanding caused by any printing error.

This card can be used at other promotional partners who may from time to time be part of the program. These third party offerings will be subject to the terms and conditions of the third party involved.

This card cannot be used as a debit or credit card or a guarantee card.


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