Redefining Luxury Lifestyles
Beyond Fashion

ALIST, under the leadership of Danai Sorakraikitikul, has clearly positioned itself as a leader in Thailand’s luxury lifestyle market. Danai’s deep-rooted experience in the fashion industry and his strategic approach to brand building, marketing, and product development have been instrumental in curating an impressive portfolio of international brands such as Jimmy Choo, Leica Camera, Ginori 1735, and FPM. Moreover, the company’s history with renowned names like Valentino, Chloe, and Alfred Dunhill underscores its capability and reach within the luxury sector.

Danai’s understanding of the luxury market’s nuances, combined with ALIST’s emphasis on discreet marketing and strong relationships with media, partners, and landlords, allows the company to cater effectively to both established and emerging affluent customer segments in Thailand. This strategic positioning, coupled with a commitment to excellence and exceptional consumer experiences, sets ALIST apart as a pacesetter in the industry.

It’s interesting how ALIST maintains its edge by not just focusing on the present but also setting the trends and standards for the future of Thailand’s luxury lifestyle market. Their mission to create value and opportunities for their team, partners, and customers further reflects a forward-thinking and inclusive approach to business growth and brand prestige.

ALIST envisions

a future

that truly transcends the fashion realm. With a sustained ambition to redefine luxury lifestyles, the firm has established a professional affiliation with key partners, each bringing their unique expertise and wealth of knowledge to the table.